PURPLE HAZE… Color Of The Moment!!

 .pp image from fashionisers.com

hey’a!  been a while right?  yuhh I know.. .so whad’dup people what’s the new fashion trends in vogue? Well, I’m into eye shadows now.  There are so many make up tips floating around in the beauty blogosphere which makes it difficult to decide which tips work perfectly or best suit you.

    Am no expect in this field but while I was away, I learnt a few and thought it was worth sharing. On the more serious note, I have always been scared of heavy make up especially with eye shadows. I feel it make me look a bit old…haha yeah but now I do eye shadow on the light tone….

       Purple smoky is the new eye make up circling around the fashion world. It flatters all eye colors, the truth is,  Purple makeup isn’t for everyone though but when blended with dark gray eye shadow, the result is moody, seductive and classy. Try the purple smoky today and feel awesome! I use the M.A.C. eye product  and the end results is always amazing and it actually  makes the eye pop.

It’s a wearable evening look,  pair  it with a gorgeous dusky rose lip, and as much 70s-inspired blusher as you dare to wear!

As a rule, if you’re going all out with your eyes, I’d always recommend playing down your lip, and vice versa. But if you really want to add a red lip to this look, I say go for it! Dare your way to vivaglam runway!


About mattdarquah

I love to read and is obsessed with fashion magazines. My favorite mag is GLAMOUR and People Style, Allure, Vogue, Elle, INSTYLE, SELF etc

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