It’s the start of another fresh week. Each of us has a fresh slate to start on and taking good care of our health really counts. Mondays are kinda hectic for most people and am no exception. I have to go through 5 to 6 hours of lectures at school(KNUST. Ghana) and when am done, there is traffic to battle with on my way home. Actually, I do hate monday mornings when you have to crawl out of those comfy sheets…aww

       My food for thought this morning is that, you stay safe and sound. Steer clear of traffic if you want a healthy heart; according to research: Engine and tire noise can spike stress hormone levels, raising your risk to hypertention by 46 percent. If you can not avoid the road racket for today, at least eat lots of fruits and vegetables and do some execise regularly to preserve your timebomb(heart).

  Also, please ditch the Cancer sticks to a healthier heart. Have a blissful monday and be safe, I need you alive! 


About mattdarquah

I love to read and is obsessed with fashion magazines. My favorite mag is GLAMOUR and People Style, Allure, Vogue, Elle, INSTYLE, SELF etc

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