da   It’s a beautiful day and I know anyone alive could not wish for more. So I’ve been doing some reading about  Encephalitis in children and I am really shocked as to the number of children who are drag down the drain by this deadly illment.

You may be wondering what Encephalitis is? well it is the inflammation of the brain which is mostly caused by a virus invading the brain.  Another cause is the immune system which attack the brain in error but mostly it is the British isles herpes simplex virus(the cold sore virus) that is frequently identified. Other viruses are responsible for it worldwide.Also many are transmitted by mosquitoes ; scary huh?

Anyone is prone to get Encephalitis not just children. According to EdenDoraTrust.org, up to 6000 new cases are reported alone in England. It can vary from mild to life threatening and even cause death. Encephalitis resembles the flu in terms of its symtoms which comes  in the form a flu-like illness or headache. Other symptoms may include sensory changes, high temperature and drowsiness.

After reading about this all I can say is, lets all join The Eden Dora Trust  of which Paul  Wait, Joe Hart and Louis Tomlinson of  One Direction  are patrons to support people who suffer from this illment.         You can help by donating money or by organising fundraising events in your  schools,  clubs and localities to The Eden Dora Trust  and   support this vision .Log on Eden Dora Trust.org  to learn more or to donate.  Thank you for reading and  for your support.  A child some place out there is grateful for saving his/her life.  God bless us all!




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