ImageHello peeps, errm, looks like someone is in need of a best man. A little bird just wispered into our ears that His royal(Lorde’s voice) highness Paapa de Jay Z has turned down Best man role at his wing man and pal Kanye and Mama Kim’s wedding. Yep, report suggest Jay Z , Beyonce and lil cutie baby Blue do not wont to be filmed in the reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashian.  An insider told The Daily Star: “Jay is Kanye’s closest friend so he wants him to be best man.

Jay agreed initially but had one condition – under no circumstances can there be any reality TV shows filming him, his wife, Beyonce or daughter Blue Ivy during the ceremony.”

The source added: “The thought of popping up in KUWTK mortifies Beyonce. She purposefully keeps herself away from trashy TV and isn’t prepared to lower her standards for anyone, or any occasion.”

        Mean while Kanye isn’t exactly a reality fan either – he’s banned daughter North from appearing on the show – apparently bosses at E! are desperate to air the wedding cermeony, and according to the same insider: “will pay millions to make it happen.”

You Hear dat sound? That’s the sound of Kris Jenner rubbing her hands together with glee. What do you make of all this? lemme hear from you people.


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I love to read and is obsessed with fashion magazines. My favorite mag is GLAMOUR and People Style, Allure, Vogue, Elle, INSTYLE, SELF etc

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