It’s the start of another fresh week. Each of us has a fresh slate to start on and taking good care of our health really counts. Mondays are kinda hectic for most people and am no exception. I have to go through 5 to 6 hours of lectures at school(KNUST. Ghana) and when am done, there is traffic to battle with on my way home. Actually, I do hate monday mornings when you have to crawl out of those comfy sheets…aww

       My food for thought this morning is that, you stay safe and sound. Steer clear of traffic if you want a healthy heart; according to research: Engine and tire noise can spike stress hormone levels, raising your risk to hypertention by 46 percent. If you can not avoid the road racket for today, at least eat lots of fruits and vegetables and do some execise regularly to preserve your timebomb(heart).

  Also, please ditch the Cancer sticks to a healthier heart. Have a blissful monday and be safe, I need you alive! 


PURPLE HAZE… Color Of The Moment!!

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hey’a!  been a while right?  yuhh I know.. .so whad’dup people what’s the new fashion trends in vogue? Well, I’m into eye shadows now.  There are so many make up tips floating around in the beauty blogosphere which makes it difficult to decide which tips work perfectly or best suit you.

    Am no expect in this field but while I was away, I learnt a few and thought it was worth sharing. On the more serious note, I have always been scared of heavy make up especially with eye shadows. I feel it make me look a bit old…haha yeah but now I do eye shadow on the light tone….

       Purple smoky is the new eye make up circling around the fashion world. It flatters all eye colors, the truth is,  Purple makeup isn’t for everyone though but when blended with dark gray eye shadow, the result is moody, seductive and classy. Try the purple smoky today and feel awesome! I use the M.A.C. eye product  and the end results is always amazing and it actually  makes the eye pop.

It’s a wearable evening look,  pair  it with a gorgeous dusky rose lip, and as much 70s-inspired blusher as you dare to wear!

As a rule, if you’re going all out with your eyes, I’d always recommend playing down your lip, and vice versa. But if you really want to add a red lip to this look, I say go for it! Dare your way to vivaglam runway!



Hey people, its been a while! yuhh… well found this classy combo and thought why not share this? Its classy and chic which will work out during the day for a business meeting and with a little brush up on your make up, you will be rocking that dinner party You’ve been trying to avoid. I call this the DayNyt LBD and with that elegant jewellery you are def “all eyes on me gurl!”


da   It’s a beautiful day and I know anyone alive could not wish for more. So I’ve been doing some reading about  Encephalitis in children and I am really shocked as to the number of children who are drag down the drain by this deadly illment.

You may be wondering what Encephalitis is? well it is the inflammation of the brain which is mostly caused by a virus invading the brain.  Another cause is the immune system which attack the brain in error but mostly it is the British isles herpes simplex virus(the cold sore virus) that is frequently identified. Other viruses are responsible for it worldwide.Also many are transmitted by mosquitoes ; scary huh?

Anyone is prone to get Encephalitis not just children. According to, up to 6000 new cases are reported alone in England. It can vary from mild to life threatening and even cause death. Encephalitis resembles the flu in terms of its symtoms which comes  in the form a flu-like illness or headache. Other symptoms may include sensory changes, high temperature and drowsiness.

After reading about this all I can say is, lets all join The Eden Dora Trust  of which Paul  Wait, Joe Hart and Louis Tomlinson of  One Direction  are patrons to support people who suffer from this illment.         You can help by donating money or by organising fundraising events in your  schools,  clubs and localities to The Eden Dora Trust  and   support this vision .Log on Eden Dora  to learn more or to donate.  Thank you for reading and  for your support.  A child some place out there is grateful for saving his/her life.  God bless us all!




Image  Hi people,don’t know about you but I’ve had a long day.Came across this food for thought and want to share with you. Being a good person is quite difficile but I learned that I cannot always count on others to respect my feelings even if I respect theirs. Being good to people doesn’t guarantee that people will be good to you or that others will be good people too. You only have control over yourself on how you choose to be as a person and for the others you can only choose to accept them or walk away


       No matter what happens in life, be good to people, help those in need if possible. Being good to people, being the sun that shines brightly on someone’s life is a wonderful legacy to leave behind as a person. Sometimes the most ordinary things could be more extraordinary simply by doing them with the right person or  people and for the right reasons I’ve had a bump day and I really could use a bath right now so am gonna end here and know that your beliefs do not make you a better person, your behaviour does.Have good day.

                                                                      . Image



ImageHello peeps, errm, looks like someone is in need of a best man. A little bird just wispered into our ears that His royal(Lorde’s voice) highness Paapa de Jay Z has turned down Best man role at his wing man and pal Kanye and Mama Kim’s wedding. Yep, report suggest Jay Z , Beyonce and lil cutie baby Blue do not wont to be filmed in the reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashian.  An insider told The Daily Star: “Jay is Kanye’s closest friend so he wants him to be best man.

Jay agreed initially but had one condition – under no circumstances can there be any reality TV shows filming him, his wife, Beyonce or daughter Blue Ivy during the ceremony.”

The source added: “The thought of popping up in KUWTK mortifies Beyonce. She purposefully keeps herself away from trashy TV and isn’t prepared to lower her standards for anyone, or any occasion.”

        Mean while Kanye isn’t exactly a reality fan either – he’s banned daughter North from appearing on the show – apparently bosses at E! are desperate to air the wedding cermeony, and according to the same insider: “will pay millions to make it happen.”

You Hear dat sound? That’s the sound of Kris Jenner rubbing her hands together with glee. What do you make of all this? lemme hear from you people.

Style Of The Day…vivaglam!

Style Of The Day...vivaglam!

I know the floral print is a lil out and old but this laid back combo brings out the beauty in you….